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Money cant buy you happiness

A lot of my blog posts lately was around what I do, this time I want to post something personal and how I felt about this December holiday and even this year.

Everyone always said that Money can’t buy you happiness, but what does it really mean. I have finally figured that one out, for myself at least.

You see so many people dating, buying gifts, technology, cars, houses, and you wonder if they really are happy. Sure you need these things, but there is more to life than the material things we fill our lives with, and if we aren’t careful these things can distract us from what is really important: the life experience.

Most of my adult life thus far I have spent working on my career, trying to be the best I can be, neglecting my friends and family a little. Don’t get me wrong here, I really enjoy my work, it’s my passion and what I’m really good at, but there is a big difference between enjoying yourself and happiness.

During the last year I spent a little more time trying to connect with friends and family, going to friends birthdays parties, social events and meeting up with family as often as possible.
During this December holiday I took the time to connect more with people, and what did I discover: Happiness.

I started my December firstly with a girl’s night out, where we had a great night reconnecting and discussing every topic we usually miss during the year.

After a wonderful girl’s night out a friend’s birthday followed, and even some of the long lost friends came through. The evening was spent socializing, playing various card games, dancing and just enjoying each other’s company. It’s here that I started to realize that this is what life is all about.

Next up was my December holiday that started with 1 week visiting my grandparents in Mossel Bay. I haven’t been there in quite some time, and also having my cousins there was a huge bonus.
I took this time to just relax after a long year, and spend time with my grandparents. With them being by the coast make it difficult to really connect and chat. The holiday couldn’t have started better, and this was just a 2nd confirmation on how important family are, and how lucky I am to have all these wonderful people in my life.


And then it was Christmas eve, spent at my Dad’s. This was a lovely evening to just be back in Gauteng, spend some quality time with my Dad, my brother and his wife, talking and eating and just being together.

Christmas day I spent with my Mom and her boyfriend’s family. A wonderful day with some great people where I was reflecting about what Christmas actually means and spending time with the people in your life that matters - well any time spent with my mom is fun. Over the last 2 years we have really became very close.
New Year’s Day. Happy New Year to all my friends and family, I’m sure 2015 will be super amazing.
I spent this time with my closest friends, and went flying, yep, my first time on a microlite. This was really an amazing experience, and seeing the world from up there, feeling the calm and peacefulness, it’s just breath-taking. Being up there just makes you realize how small the world really are.

My holiday was rounded off by spending an afternoon with my mom visiting the Tutankhamun expo at the silverstar casino. This was such an amazing event, and really a great insight into the culture of a bygone eara.

I really had a wonderful year and a fantastic December holiday. Definitely can’t complain.

Life is what you make of it, and although you need to work hard on your career or studies it’s no reason to neglect your friends and family or the people in your life that makes it worth the while.
People and life experience such as socializing, traveling, seeing different cultures and experiencing all is what makes life wonderful.

I for one would like everyone to stop taking life for granted, work hard, play hard and spend time with the people in your life, find a reason to smile and try to make a difference in your own life and the lives of others that cross your path.

Here’s to an even better 2015.

#TGIF girl time! With @FaceValue_ZA and @Jongee_15

What a lovely and wonderful relaxing afternoon.

It's not always that you get to spend a Friday afternoon with great people, Friends, that you happen to work with too, well today was one of those rare days we got to have a real girls afternoon and spend it with Sasha and Larechia.

Sasha from @FaceValue_ZA was so kind as to bring her entire nail set and makeup kit along for this great afternoon.

We started off the evening with very delicious cocktails from @Original_Iced which is so cool as they come ready mixed. Just add ice.
After the cocktails was served Sasha did my nails and later on my makeup, which by the way looks amazing!

I definitely learned a lot about makeup and skin care in this short time, and realized that there is so much more you can do other than the basics of every day makeup.

Here is a little collage of the outcome from the makeup session with Sasha as well as our nails, and I think it looks so awesome.

A girls afternoon is just what the doctor ordered after a long month of work, thanks girls.

Evening with friends

Yeay another post!! It took me yet again a very long time to finally write on my blog again.

Work the last couple of weeks was hectic and I was so intense tired. Will try to get more sleep and see if that helps.

I was out last night with a couple of friends (or new Friends) and I just have to say what a wonderful bunch of people they are. Most I have only met in person last night for the first time.

We all talked, danced a bit and just got to know each other. We all met on Facebook and never really met in person and last night finally after so long got together.

I'm sure that this will be the start of some great friendships for all of us and I am looking forward to meeting everyone again.