A blog about my life, development and projects

Who am I

It's my geek girl life.
Consultant, Developer, Teacher, Dreamer, Engineer, Maker.

I enjoy technology, building things, fashion, shopping and traveling the world.
My blog is about my life, technology and anything awesome worth sharing with the world.

With over 16 years software development, architecting, design experience and is skilled in the development of net-centric and web applications focusing on Microsoft and Open Source. I'm a team leader with the ability to work under no supervision leading teams of 12+ developers. With advanced skill in leading-edge web application development and system integration complimented with a proven ability to learn in the ever-changing environment of software development.
I have deep technical skills in .Net Stack, Node.JS, Angular 2, Mongo, database development and electronic development focusing on cloud connected devices and systems.

Dezi Van Vuuren

My side projects

  • Development on various projects
  • Building gadgets and things
  • Website design & development
  • Teacher
  • Cloud evangelist
  • Electronics
  • Cross platform
  • Research & Development

Where to find me